Friday, July 10, 2015

Ending of the story

Never thought this is the end..seems like it was yesterday I saw his face for the first time. In fact, it was 5 years ago. Seems like it was yesterday I met him for the last time. In fact, it already 18 months since the last time we met. Seems like it was yesterday he made a promise to be someone that special to me. In fact, it was happened as one of the sweetest memory in my life 5 years ago.

Suddenly, after being so so so...long time with long distance relationship, he said "..." can he say that..I can't even say it, my tears is so so so cheap for him right now...why? why?

Then he said, "U didn't appreciate me anymore. U always busy with your work and don't have time for me"

How can he describe me? How can he said that I didn't appreciate him?

Hello!! This is my style. I'm 25. and I have my own family. I am working, not flirting. I work from 8 am until 5pm..then I work at night as a teacher. Even on Sunday, I am a tutor. I have my own target. I want to buy this and that, so, I need to find my own money. This is not the reason why we need to end all the memories. 

yeah, I was wrong for being so cool when you said that 'hurt' words, but in fact my heart was like being chopped and chopped and chopped again. I am not the romantic girl who will "meroyan" like a 'pontianak' and begging for your love back. I know that you know me, you know that I am weird..

You know what, I am waiting for your SMS at the end of the conversation (not conversation act, its a judgement from you) saying that, "Dear, I am joking" 
But, seems like it was not a joke. Its real from your heart..

Maybe you are right. I'm sorry. I NEVER THOUGHT THIS IS THE END. I hope someone will come and appreciate you more than I can.