Thursday, November 12, 2015

My APC life

Some of them, holding my hand.... fact, I miss them so much!

Sayang2 cikgu,

Cikgu yakin,satu hari nanti, kamu pasti akan memahami tulisan ringkas cikgu ini.
Kalaulah kamu baca dan fahami isi hati cikgu, 
terima kasih banyak2.
Dan cikgu nak kamu semua tahu, 
Cikgu rindu kamu.

Fahmi, Damia, Aliff, Aqil, Syazani, Darwish, Sofiyah, Auni, Umar, Irdina, Amjaad, Isyam, Arsyad, Jazari, 

Dear Fahmi, 
You are such a sensitive boy,
You are too cute when you cry,
And I miss that moment when you cry in front of the white board.
Now, you've grown up very well,
You are stronger, 
You are ready for your new school (sekolah tiga tingkat, kata Cikgu Siti)

Dear Damia,
Pretty girl with glass, 
With pretty eyes,
Smart girl and I know you already prepared for your new school.

Dear Aliff,
I just can't forget the day when I lost my voice after I need to remind you the ''do and don't'' every seconds,
I know, you are trying to learn everything,
You are very brave boy, 
With strong heart,
Now, after I watched the video on your convocation day,
I know, you've learnt a lot and you did very well.

Dear Aqil Zafran,
Smart boy,
when you speak, it sounds like the elder person,
I always laugh when you started to talk like ''makcik", 
At first, with your smart brain, I thought you are 6. 

Dear Syazani,
I still remember how you will look like when you are trying to memorize the words,
and I know you are struggling to learn every single things,
One thing that I really sure about you,
You are sensitive boy..(alololo)
And I love to tease you.
Hey, smart boy, you are such a gift for your parents.

Dear Darwish,
I want special Cake, please....
Are you still walking outside without your slipper?
Do you still remember that I said, "I will kidnap you and take you into a cave if I saw you walking outside alone, again".
A boy, with "Che ta" eyelashes,
A boy, with "girl" sweet smile, make me melt once you smile.

Dear Sofiyah,
"Jemah" girl,
You love art so much,
Draw, paint, dance, sing, act and dreaming girl,
Hey Sofiyah, I still remember how you wear your 'tudung', so cute you know,
You sleep with the small open eyes, and "tersengguk-sengguk" while waiting for your 'wuduk' turn.

Dear Auni,
When I ask about the students to Cikgu Siti,
First thing I will ask is, "Auni mcm mn?, dah banyak cakap ke?"
And I am happy that you also "makcik2" now,
I still remember the words that will make me laugh ,
"Ticu..nak cincen.." = "I want to go to the toilet"
hehe..Auni, I miss to hug you, cute girl.

Dear Umar,
One word described you, "Apa?"
From the hot temper have changed
From the very sensitive have changed
I still remember, Cikgu Siti told me, "Umar rindu akak"
I miss you too, Umar. 
One more thing, your nickname would be "Umaruddin",
do you still remember that? I do.

Dear Irdina,
The dreaming girl which sometime lost during class,
Also "The Jemah" gang with Sofiyah.
So funny to see both of you talk, dance, sing and act to each other.
Sometimes, with weird language I think.
When we need to sing, you are the one who will be so excited.

Dear Amjaad,
My "bambam" student,
At first, you are so clumsy when you walk, play or run,
Your friends will cry and said, "Cikgu! Amjaad buat", "Cikgu! Amjaad tolak!"
And I know, it is not your are just playing around
But when you cried, and I asked why, you will said, "Aliff buat" or "Arsyad buat" 
this two names will be your favorite even it was not their fault.
Amjaad, let's diet together with me, hehe..just a joke.

Dear Isyam,
"Teju Pita", the way you called my name.
"Pita" is a food, Isyam...hehe
Love to play with you, small boy.
Sometimes, you will be the naughtiest boy,
Then Cikgu Siti and I will be like, "Alamak!! Isyam!!" 
before we became speechless
One day, you have pull off all of my double sided tape
 and wrap yourself just like a mummy,
But when you see my sad face, you tried to fix back the tape which is "you can't"..

Dear Arsyad,
A boy with long hair,
And sometimes like to be "Jemah" too 
by sitting between Cikgu Siti and Cikgu Shafiqa
listen to our "Jemah" and smile just like you understand the story
You can easily sleep but will be the last person to wake up
I know you are smart and clever boy.
And I know that I miss your hug and kiss.

The Last Hero,
Dear Jazari,
You are handsome, smart, and the most important thing about you...
When I pretend to cry, you will come and touch my hand,
and said, "Teju, dah lah. Jajari sayang Teju"
Argh..tears again..
When I came to visit all of you, Jazari will be the one who stand close to me 
and said, "Jazari rindu Teju Shafiqa banyak2" 
Miss you too..

Dear 14 Kids,
You have made my 5 months of being a teacher
is the sweetest experience I ever had during my 25 years.
You have made me understand what in your heart,
the purest heart,
with the true love.
I love and really really really miss you all.

In another decade, if Allah will,
I want to meet all of you success in your life
and I hope, you will remember me
even I am not around

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  1. Bila part aliff...mama yg bergenang air mata bila bc hu3...nape laaa teacher shafi tinggalkan aliff hu3...nxt year aliff afzan dah masuk darjah 1..